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  BEL TRAVEL is a licenced MM2H Agent for Ministry of Tourism Malaysia >> Click here to go MM2H Official Website                                                                      [Chinese 中文]

Our Services

BEL TRAVEL & Tours Sdn Bhdis committed to your Malaysia My Second Home ( MM2H ) residency and your enjoyable stay in the best country in Asia. As an appointed agent it our duty and honour to assist you in the whole application processes and take the frustration of having to do it yourself. Let us assist you and make this country of your choice.

Our service packages start from basic application to other optional services depending on your need and wants.

Our Services
Option 1 - Application phase
Option 2 - Application phrase + Approved phase
Other Options

Option 1 - Application Phase

1. To provide the latest information on the Term and Conditions of MM2H Programmes.

2. To provide a complete a qualification assessment questionaires to ensure your qualification of the MM2H program and success rate of your application.

3. Forward all required forms and links.

4. Provide design checklist to ensure all document will not miss out in the submission. This will save time and cost of delivery.

5. We assist in the answering all queries pertaining the preparation of document and filling of form.

6. Upon receiving your document, we will check and confirmed all document received according to the checklist via email. (Note: you are now requested to make your payment according to our Service Plan you have choses before our submission)

Upon receivng payment for your selected plan, we will prepare and compile the following :-

  • Completion of IM.12 Forms;
  • Completion of MM2H Forms;
  • Summary of your financial capability with current conversion of foreign exchange to Ringgit Malaysia in a format that is easily read and understood;
  • Personal Bond Form(s) with stamp duties paid as required by the Immigration Department of Malaysia for accountability of your stay in Malaysia;
  • Cover letter declaring Bel Travel (MM2H) Sdn Bhd as your sponsor; and
  • Sponsor Declaration Form.

7. Submission of complete document to the Ministry of Tourism and a scanned copy of the receipt of submission will be forward to you via email.

8. Thereafter, we will update and follow-up with the progress of the application. If there is any queries arising on the submission, we will assist to liase between yourself and the authority. Note: that most approval take between 8 ~ 10 weeks but this period is solely under the discretion of the authority.

9. Upon approval, conditional letter of approval will be issued by the Immigration Department. We will collect the letter and a scanned copy of the letter and, it's term and condition will be forward to you via email.

10. At the end of this application phase, we will inform us your schedule date of visiting Malaysia. Note : If applicant opt for only the Application Phase, you are to collect the original conditional letter of approval personally at our office within 6 months from the date issued.

11. This for applicant requiring Visa fo Malaysia, if you are planning your trip to Malaysia, you are required to apply for Calling Visa Letter first before your Visa application. You need to apply of a Calling Visa Letter before your VISA application. The Calling Visa Letter is for applicant who want to waive Journey Performed fee. If you already paid for the fee, there will be no refund from the authority. This all basic option. If you required our application services, please inform us.

12. For Option 1 only - we will assist to send or if applicant wishes to collect the original conditional letter of approval personally at our office.

Option 2 - Approval Phase

1. You (and family) schedule a trip to Malaysia within 6 months from the date of conditional letter of approval.

2. We will make below appointment for you (and family):
* Medical checkup & report;
* Purchase of Medical Insurance (Insurance Premium payable directly to Insurance Company)
* Open a bank account for financial requirement with a local Bank as MM2H requirements

3. Completion of above condition, we will proceed to Putrajaya for the final submission of the remaining documents, make payment for the VISA charges and obtain MM2H Visa endorsement.

Other Services
Option 3 - Application for Calling Visa Letter.

Option 4 - Assist in hotel booking and Airport transfer within Klang Valley or in Melaka.

Option 5 - Assist in Car purchase or import

Option 6 - Assist in bring in Maid

Option 7 - Assist in registration of your Children in Private school and university

Option 8 - Assist in home purchases

** Let us know if you required any other services

As Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H) is constantly evolving the service effort is changing. Please call us or write to us for our services.

Write or call us for our service plan. Our contact is as follow:-

Tel: +606-2882907, +606-2822712
Fax: +606-2863712
Email :
Contact : Ms. Belinda Leo